Walking Services

Daily Visit

You can use this 25 minute session to customize a service specifically for your dog; it could be a walk, play time in your fenced yard or attended to a puppy – make this service your own!

$16.50 Visit

Neighborhood Walk

This 45 minute service is a great break for your dog to walk with friends or individually.

$19.50 Group $23.50 Individual Attention

Adventure Hike

Fulfill your dogs physical, mental and social needs with our adventure hikes. Explore local trails in the Burlington / Oakville area with friends on a 1 hour hike. Owners will receive a picture update and GPS map of the trail. Total visit would be approx 1.5 hours including their pick up and drop off.


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Ask about our multiple dog discount or opening a Daily Dog Duties account.


All prices are subject to HST.

Weekend, holiday, and nighttime premiums apply.